“Global Technology was founded in May 1996. GT has been in the market for over 20 years and I would like to look back and reflect on our journey of growth and success. Since our founding, we have faced a wide range of challenges, ranging from continuous devaluation of the Egyptian currency, competitive nature of the market, economic recession & political unrest. Our solid foundation underpinned by the company’s strong business and financial structure, skilled and committed employees, and trust established with our customers have enabled us to overcome these challenges and survive through difficult periods marked by turbulent change, and continue to grow over time.

We started as a small company with number of employees not exceeding 10 persons and as a sole agent & distributor of FUJIFILM Corporation in the medical field selling only X-Ray Films and Automatic Processors for film development. Over the years, we have managed to grow the company selling & providing after sales services for the full range of FUJIFILM medical products such as the FCR & DR line of Digital X-Ray Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Digital Mammography Systems, PACS IT Systems, Digital X-Ray Equipment, Ultrasound Equipment, Dry Chemistry, & Endoscopy Systems.

Moreover, we have expanded our business by adding new distributorship and agency representation in the field of Laboratory Equipment & Reagents, and in the Electric Power field with leading Turkish companies for UPS Systems and Standby Generators. In cooperation with our sister company Infinity, we acquired distribution for Contrast Media Automatic injectors with the German company BAYER and also do Site Preparation work for radiology centers and installation of RF Shielding for MRI rooms.

More recently and in-line with the company’s vision, we have managed to add the following strategic products that complement our portfolio: Fujifilm 16/64 Slice CT, United Imaging Closed MRI / PET MRI / PET CT systems, Siemens Surgical C-ARM / Analogue Mammography / Analogue Mobile X-Ray / Ultrasound – Cardiac Segment, CMR NaviScan PET Mammography, Mindray for Cart-Based Color Doppler Ultrasound system - Radiology Segment, Barco high-precision Medical Monitors, CapsoVision for Capsule Endoscopy, and Ingenious Surgical Endoscopes and Staplers.

We would like to thank our stakeholders and in particular our customers who are our partners in this journey of growth, and we promise them to continue to do our best to satisfy their needs and play an effective part in improving the quality of services provided in the Egyptian healthcare market”

SAMY REZK, GT Chairman

Company profile



Provide medical products and services that contribute to the improvement in quality of healthcare services offered in Egypt through satisfying our private and public customer needs and building long term relationships that are based on trust and integrity.


We have set our vision for GT with the following aspirations: To become a leading and premier Egyptian distributor of medical equipment and IT healthcare systems representing top International medical systems manufacturers; To provide the best customer service satisfaction; To create a good place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be; To maintain a sustainable and consistent growth by expanding existing business and new business development.

Corporate Behaviour - Values

A trusted company

We provide socially beneficial goods & services of the highest quality to the healthcare sector. We do business in a spirit of appropriate competition and fair dealing. We continually strive to satisfy customers, employees & shareholders and earn their trust.

Social Responsibility

We comply with laws, regulations, and other rules, and uphold public order & morals. We actively engage in activities that contribute to healthcare community development.

Better Work Place

We strive to develop the skills of all employees, to provide safe and comfortable work place, and respect diversity, individuality and differences.

Respect for Human Rights

We respect & protect fundamental Human & Labor rights set out in Egyptian declarations & regulations.

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Global TechnologyOur Journey of Growth in the Egyptian Healthcare Sector

Awards / Certificates

- Best Modality Distributor Award 2016-2017
- Special Project Award for MOD / MOH (Endoscopy) 2016-2017
- First Endoscopy Certificate Service provider ME 2016-2017
- Special Award for Endoscopy 2016
- Best Modality Distributor ME 2016
- Special Project Award (PACS) 2015
- Special Project Award (Endoscopy) 2015
- Middle East Best Distributor 2012-2015
- Platinum Award FujiFilm Corporation 2013

- Best Technical Service 2016-2017
- Best Distributor 2016-2017
- Best Distributor 2015
- Best Technical Service 2014-2015
- Best Partner 2014

Certified ISO 9001 since 2008